About Me

Photography has always been my way of artistic expression. I believe photography has a unique way or preserving memories while also shining light on inward truths. It allows us to see ourselves for our true beauty, inspire confidence, and convey messaging without a single word.

I am continually honored to be able to use my gift and purpose on the earth to help others - this is so much more than a job for me. THIS is my mission field, my way of giving to my community, as well as the thing that helps me put food on the table and enable me to be the living embodiment of my ancestors' wildest dreams.

I'm forever grateful for the families I've grown with, the celebrations I've documented, and the countless homes and lives I'm honored to hold space in.

Thank you for letting me live out my passion.

Kind Words

01 / 04

Amanda & Hector

Chelsi was amazing! She kept the process moving with my time table in mind. Very thorough and had a vision of the shots she wanted to take before we even started. She was genuinely excited about our wedding and had a calming and take charge presence. I had little to no stress thanks to her!