How They Met

Aaron + Alyssa met in August of 2017. Alyssa was a small group leader at their church, and Aaron was looking for a new one to join. They started dating a couple months later.

Photo by second photographer, Laura Wolf

Favorite Activities Together

The couple enjoys eating food, hike/nature walks, cooking, and watching movies together.

Their Dream

Alyssa + Aaron dream of working together to be loving neighbors in their community and to continue to follow and serve Jesus together, and actively participate in His calling for our lives.

How They Describe Each Other

Aaron: Alyssa is outgoing, a super great friend, and lots of fun to be around. I love her smile, the way she treats those around her and how she pours her heart out into everything that she does.

Alyssa: I would describe Aaron as handsome, loyal, supportive and good. His innate goodness is what I admire the most about him and its the foundation of our relationship. He's also a goofball at heart. I love that he embraces challenges in our relationship as an opportunity for growth. He wants the best for us and is willing to put in the work. I also love the way he shows up for the people around him, especially me.

A Few Of Their Favorite Things

  • Songs: Blessed - Thomas Rhett, Speechless - Dan & Shay, Never Stop - Safetysuit
  • TV Show: The Office
  • Pets: They don't have any yet, but want to get dogs in the near future. They have already named them Batman and Moose.
  • Drinks: Milkshakes & coffee

How They Knew

Aaron: When I realized I couldn't see my future spent with anyone else, and I wanted to spend all of my time with her.

Alyssa: I was having a deep conversation with God during a rough patch in our relationship. I wasn't sure weather we should give up on our relationship or fight through it. God didn't give me a direct "yes or no" answer. God gave me the reality that ALL relationships take work and in that moment I realized that Aaron was that person I wanted to do that work with.

The Wedding Day

Alyssa and Aaron were married in October 2020 at the Myriad Botanical Gardens in OKC in a COVID-aware wedding ceremony. They were surrounded by a small number of family and friends and their day was filled with love, joy, and so many beautiful touches. I am so happy I got to witness their union and be a part of their big day!