How The lovebirds met

Mickayla and Clay met through mutual friends through college at the University of Oklahoma.

their favorite thing to do together

Date Night!

Their dream for the future

The Dobbinses dream of a lifelong partnership full of adventure, fun travel, excellent careers, and a wonderful family. (Insert heart eyes here!!)

What they love about each other

Mickayla about Clay - My partner is kind, quiet and intellectual. I love that my partner is dedicated, hardworking, and cute.

Clay about Mickayla - I lover her smile, kindness, joy, passion for life, work, and family, and can't forget her cooking.

how they knew

"We can't think of a specific moment, but for both of us, it was after many conversations about life, beliefs, and the futures we saw for our lives, and it seemed uncanny how things seemed to align for us."